Who is behind Airlords of Airia?

Since 1999, Dirk Mueller has been active as a visual effects artist in the film industry. He has been involved in the effects of more than 60 cinema and TV films, including SCHUH DES MANITU, LUTHER, PERIODE 1 and NANGA PARBAT.

Early on in his career, Dirk developed the desire to creat his own film based heavily on special effects, but there was always a lack of the time and money.

In 2011 he made the decision to take the time to write a film himself and produce a teaser with amateur actors. The teaser has become a 10-minute short film, in which three non-consecutive sections of the planned feature film have been trimmed together.

How did the idea for Airlords of Airia come up?

The concept for Airlords has been in Dirk’s mind for some time. During his design studies in 1995, he drew a steampunk comic called, “Wodnik 7” where even then the characters of police chief Lura and Admiral Karak were involved in fierce combat in a retro-futuristic world. This world is partially technologically advanced but to a large extent still unexplored and holds many secrets and riddles.

What is the specific nature of Airlords Airia?

Airlords of Airia can not be classified in the usual sci-fi and fantasy genres.

The film shows an alternate reality in which people, their technology and their world have developed a different direction. The world of Airlords is similar to the ideas HG Wells and Jules Verne had in the19th centrury about utopias and how the future could be.

How was the trailer created?

The entire footage of the trailer was created using 3D and compositing software on the computer.

The scenes with actors were all filmed in front of a green screen, all the backgrounds were created digitally and inserted afterwards. Photographs were used as the textures for landscape and cloud backgrounds.

How should the film be financed?

In addition to finding co-producers and funding, the popular new financing concept of crowd funding should serve as a significant contribution to funding the Airlords of Airia.

What is crowd funding?

Through crowd funding (group funding), a project can be financially supported by a lot of individual people via the Internet. Through a large number of small private investors a large sum of money can be raised.

Each donor will receive a gift from Airlords, depending on the amount of their donation. For example, the finished film as a stream, a DVD with film and bonus material, premiere tickets and much more.